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A Midwest Approach to Container Congestion

Los Angeles and Long Beach, California are getting bogged down with millions of containers the focus has been honed onto their issue to get the congestion cleared out so things can run more smoothly. However, in this process, other ports such as Savannah, New York, and New Jersey, are all experiencing congestion of their own with little […]

Bust Bunker Surcharges with Strategy

Bust Bunker Surcharges with Strategy

The announcement of bunker surcharges under Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) from ocean carriers comes as no surprise, considering fuel costs for crude oil are up to close to $80 per barrel. The continued disruption of ocean cargo has reached out to impact the other modes, hitting rail and truck shipments hard. Obviously, the carriers have […]

Bestway Through the Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana on Sunday, August 30th The severe weather brought 150MPH wind, closed roads, felled trees, and a million people waiting for services and supplies. When a natural disaster strikes, the first mobilized force to support emergency services are often truckers and trucking networks who divert to deliver supplies and haul away debris. […]

Find your Shipping Quote, the Bestway.

Find your Shipping Rates the Bestway, online.

Have you tried Bestway’s online pricing tool yet? International business is a round-the-clock line of work, and we at Bestway International know that sometimes, you need a shipping quote outside of regular business hours. Given the rapidity with which FCL and LCL shipping rates are changing, as well as air freight rates here in 2021, […]

Combat Cargo Challenges with Air Charters

Consider air charters for your critical supply chain needs Air cargo challenges exist globally right now across every major trade lane. The sidelining of passenger flights and removal of trans-oceanic belly capacity has left a limited number of choices for shippers. The global demand elsewhere for PPE, ocean freight woes, and shifting consumer buying patterns […]

Don't get burned by undeclared hazmat.

Don’t get burned by undeclared hazmat. Declare properly with Bestway.

Hidden or undeclared hazmat in ocean freight cargo is a dangerous issue that impacts the full length of the supply chain. On Friday, May 14th, the NYK Delphinus, a 4,888 teu containership caught fire off the coast of Monterey, CA, and is currently being towed to the Port of Oakland where the fire damage will […]

The rising variance in ocean freight rates is causing havoc for shippers.

Ocean Freight Rates: Keep Current on Variances

Whether gasoline or tickets for an airplane or a live event, we’ve become conditioned to the game of rapidly changing prices when it comes to certain things we buy as consumers. The increasing use of algorithmic pricing is reluctantly accepted by people wanting to book their vacation or see a sporting event. The tight capacity […]

Circumvent Supply Chain Issues, the Bestway

Equipment scarcity has been a scorchingly hot topic in supply chain management over the last year, along with the increased loss of containers at sea and a containership getting stuck in the Suez Canal. The crisis of compounding issues has built a level of disruption that could be considered biblical had it not been visible […]

The Global Impact of the Suez Canal blockage

The nearly weeklong Suez Canal blockage will have weeks and months-long implications for global trade. Rapid growth in global demand for container transportation means that carriers are overly reliant on a handful of routes for moving everything from agricultural commodities to consumer goods, e-Commerce packages and empties around the world.  During the crisis, there were […]

Keeping Up with Customs, the Bestway

As e-commerce continues to grow exponentially, retail importers are finding more products to offer in their stores and shops. This expansion has led many retailers to reach out for guidance and advice on how to import new products and research them appropriately to avoid the customs pitfalls that can happen if incorrect information is submitted […]

Container Collapse & Keeping Yourself Covered

A container collapse on a vessel isn’t a new phenomenon, instead, they’re considered a cost of doing business on the ocean market. Weather issues, Acts of God, cargo not what it is tendered as therefore wrongly manifested and other troubles can hit in moments during a voyage. Consider that these ships cross oceans hundreds of […]

Hapag Lloyd North American update puts in stark terms the port and inland rail congestion

We received the following operational update from Hapag Lloyd for North America and have chosen to reprint the announcement in its entirety to underscore the challenges that supply chains are facing in keeping cargo moving. _____________ We would like to update you on operational status in Canada and the United States. TERMINAL OPERATIONS Los Angeles […]